My First Days in Chile

I have begun this wonderful adventure!!! After a few restless flights I arrived in Concepción with 30 other exchange students from all over the world. It was great talking with all of them (mostly English) and we shared a lot of stories. We all took a bus up to Salto del Laja and had an orientation. My favorite part was learning the national Chilean dance (la cueca). The hotel that we stayed at was absolutely beautiful. It proved that Chile is truly as beautiful as everyone says.

After making many new friends we all said goodbye and I met my host family. Up to this point they have been absolutely great, they are very understanding of me and my broken Spanish. They go over the top with making sure I am content. There have been many great meals my favorite being pastel de papa (mashed potato with eggs and beef). I have tons of pictures to upload but I am having issues with this website so I will post them as soon as I can. Tuesday the 11th I began my first day of school, which mostly consisted of trying to figure out what in the world the teacher was saying, let alone actual processing the information. Although I have only been here 5 days I can already feel my Spanish improving. After this week hopefully the craziness will settle down and I will start to get into a routine. So far, besides food, my favorite thing about Chile is how EASY it is to use public transportation. I can take the micro anywhere and it is very cheap. Pictures to come soon!


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