Termas de Chillán

This past weekend my host family took me to the nearby Andes and we explored the area. The size of the mountains seemed unreal and overall it was a really fun trip.

IMG_0183IMG_0093IMG_0101 (1)IMG_0123 (1)

Instead of snow sleds the locals used giant plastic bags to slide down on.


My awesome host brothers Tomàs and Daniel.


A few nights ago my host mom taught me how to make empanadas which I think turned out great! Though I may or may not have already forgotten how to make them.



I also played my first soccer game Wednesday the 19th and was definitely the worst player there. I was put at goalie and ONLY gave up 4 goals. But so did the other goalie so I don’t feel so bad.


I’m already starting to understand a lot more Spanish at home and with friends. School is also going well, especially my philosophy class which I absolutely love.


5 thoughts on “Termas de Chillán

  1. Buenas Dias, Kazik. First of all, I am super envious of the snow (kind of forgot what it looks like) and secondly, I love empanadas, so I’m definitely feeling travel envy. I’m thrilled your enjoying your family in Chile. It’s going to be great fun following your adventures. I having trouble following philosophy in English let alone Spanish…Neitzsche would be proud. I always knew you would be a worldly soul. Enjoy, be safe and be well.
    Juliet Hamilton


  2. Wow. You are already having all kinds of awesome experiences. I never would have had the guts to do something like that as a teenager.
    Keep the updates coming.
    Love and hugs from your Auntie Kel!


  3. Hey grandson! Great that you are learning how to cook, those empanadas look totally delicious! I’m glad you are enjoying escuela, esp Philosophy – muy didicil in espanol!

    Thinking about you and very happy that you got this amazing opportunity, you deserve it!

    Love and hugs, missing you,


  4. Oh please learn how to make those empanadas so you can come home and make some for me! We have a little Argentenian cafe a couple of miles here, but I’ve never had them with a hard boiled egg. They looked muy delicioso! I’m happy you are feeling more comfortable in the language. Your host family looks awesome especially for hauling you around to see the country. Tell them all Buenos Dias from San Diego.


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