Fiestas Patrias

The 18th of September is a HUGE holiday in Chile. It was the date that the first governing body was formed in attempt to break free from Spanish rule. The greatest part is that we celebrate for 4 whole days instead of just one day. On the 18th we went to a little nearby town called San Nicolas, to watch a modified version of rodeo.

Everyone in the town was there
Everyone in town was there

It started with fun games for kids to play. Such as chase and catch the rabbit or chicken. It was quite hilarious. The catch was that whoever caught the animal got to keep it for a yummy dinner.



After than began the real deal, the huasos. These are men who were born and raised in farms or ranches. They have the ability to command horses at their will due to countless years of practice. I saw my first huasos in the street on the way to the activities.


They competed in all types of activities and contests, and for cash prizes. Then as a finale they showed off all the tricks they could do with their horses. It was very impressive.

Chilean cowboys ready to race


After this crazy adventure we spent the rest of the weekend in our families house in the countryside. We ate amazing typical food, danced, played typical games such as emboque (which I’m a pro at) and enjoyed the fresh air. I am in fact an idiot and forgot to fully charge my camera so have no pictures to upload. We will be spending a lot more time there and I will be bringing a charged camera in the future. It was a great to experience how Chileans celebrate their independence and I had a lot of fun. My host brother told me I had a dumb smile on my face the entire time. I also gained about 5 pounds thanks to more delicious empanadas. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fiestas Patrias

  1. Hey Kaz! Ran into your mom at the BBQ fundraiser at EVC last week and she told me about your blog! Just read all your entries and am so glad to hear you’re having such a great experience! I wish I had something like this when I did my exchange 28 YEARS AGO! My god I’m ancient! 😂
    Keep embracing it all!


  2. So great to see you having such an incredible time, cousin! Perhaps when you come home we should all start a new tradition of partying for four straight days on our own Independence Day.
    Lots of love,


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