Club Aereo Chillan

Due to being stubborn I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a little over a month. Here’s what I have been up to. I have been doing a lot of volunteer work with the local Interact group (Rotary for youths) and it’s been a blast. The main thing we do is go to a local home for children with extreme learning disabilities and just play with them for about an hour. We do this once a week and I am now best friends with by buddy Felipe.

4 year Felipe
4 year old Felipe

Last weekend was one of the highlights of my month. My Rotary counselor invited my host brother and I to the local airport for a festival. Apparently he is the the club president there and we got some cool insider access. We helped out by selling tickets and directed traffic for a while during the morning. But then after got to enjoy the festival. What the festival consisted of (besides amazing street food) was the Chilean Air Force, Army, and Police each showcasing different stuff. The Army brought out a bunch of weapons and I have no clue what the police did. But then came the AIR FORCE. These guys were machines. It is the toughest part of military to get into so they are the best of the best. It was great watching these guys because they flew up in planes and then jumped out of them like it was nothing, then did all sorts of parkour but with planes, it was really cool. After we got to meet some of them (insider access) and they told us a little about what it is like to be in the Air Force.

Just 30 seconds after jumping out of an airplane
Just 30 seconds after jumping out of an airplane
Plane magicians
Plane magicians

In next two weeks I will be going on TWO big trips. One to Caburgua Lake as an end of the year school trip. I have no idea what to expect cause no one has told me.  And then the TORRES DEL PAINE trip for a week with Rotary. Spanish is still hard but people are telling me how well I’m improving which is motivating. I also received a C on a chemistry test which was the proudest moment of my life. I will genuinely try to write more here even if it’s something small. Oh btw, I’m definitely missing all of my family and friends at this point and it is harder than I thought it would be. That is of course excluding my annoying dog Big Karl 🙂


12 thoughts on “Club Aereo Chillan

  1. Hi Kazik,

    Glad you are having fun and working on your Spanish. I should be writing this in Spanish but soy un hombre demasiado perezoso. I have another math superstar to replace you except it’s easier on me because I only have to be smarter than a third grader. Have you been skiing? I don’t remember seeing any pictures. Maybe I just missed them.
    Take care,
    Nos vemos,
    John Green


  2. Kazik,
    Es una alegría leer tu blog and saber de todas tus actividades en Chile. Me parece que estás disfrutándote mucho y mejorándote con el español. ¿Cuándo vas a regresar a los Estados Unidos?

    Pues, sigue aprendiendo mucho y viviendo una cultura tan rica.

    Tu profe de español,
    Sra. Gordon-Link


    1. Hola!!!
      Sí ya ha hecho una experiencia muy linda. Más adelante tendré que decidir la fecha pero algun dia en junio. Gracias por todo su apoyo y cada cosa que Ud. me ha enseñado

      Que le vaya bien,


  3. Yay!!! We hear from you at last. I’ve been waiting. Everything sounds amazing. A C in Chem taught in Spanish as a score for sure! Nice job. You probably really won’t see how much your Spanish has improved until you get home. That’s what happened to me, anyway. Your fam is coming for Christmas, yes? Please post more…I am living vicariously through you! Que te vaya bien!


    1. Yeah I’m hoping that’s the case with the my Spanish cause after 3 months I personally can’t notice a difference. They will be coming a little after Christmas most likely in February and I’m super excited to show them around! I promise I’ll post more just for you!


  4. Kaz,

    We miss you too! I really hope you do write more over vacation. I’m taking some master’s classes at SDSU on teaching English Language Learners’s and your blog and experience at Spanish Language Learning in a different culture is really helping me make some crucial connections to what I’m learning in my classes since I personally have never been put in that situation. I’m loving everything you are doing, and you have no idea how all of your experiences are going to effect your outlook everyday for the rest of your life. Hang in there with being homesick. I’m so proud of what you are accomplishing!

    Love, Aunt Christy


    1. Hey Sprout,
      So nice to speak with you and see your wonderful face via modern technology! I agree that a C in Chemistry would have to be a real joy.

      I’m so glad that you get to soak up all the culture and the volunteer work you do is awesome!

      Those pilots are amazing and they just look like ‘normal’ people, not haughty looking at all, especially considering their importance to Chile. Very cool.

      Like Suzanne, I am sure that at some point, you will suddenly realize how much better you are speaking and reading because the knowledge grows slowly and is not as noticeable as it seems it should be.

      We are taking your mom out for her birthday tonight – Thai food. : )

      Since Big Karl spends half the week with us now, he is much better trained and smarter than he was. LOL

      Please do blog when you can, even short ones are great – just good to know what you’re doing and you’ll be happy to have a record of your travels when you return.

      Missing you bunches! Lots of love always,


      1. Thanks Grandma glad you enjoy the occasional posts it was nice talking to you too!!! Thank you for taking Big Karl under your belt it’ll be nice to have a civilized dog when I return. Love you tons! Kaz


  5. PS. By the way Torres del Paine looks absolutely breathtaking. And it appears Lake Caburgua is too. I love all the adventures you are having! Enjoy every minute.

    I Love you,


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