La Junta

(I meant to post this early this month, I failed)

A week a ago I got back from a two week long trip with my older host brother and sister. The idea came out of nowhere and 24 hours later we were heading on an 8 hour bus ride down to Puerto Montt. From there we took a bus to a town called Chaiten. The cool part was the bus had to get onto a ferry because at one point there was just no more road. After Chaiten we took another 5 hour bus to a little town in Patagonia called La Junta. We stayed with some family friends that were kind enough to host us. After setting up base there we got to know some of the beautiful wonders down in the Aysén region. There was a typical southern festival with great food, music, and fun rodeo to watch. My host brother and I went on three fishing expeditions catching a total of 12 trout. We rode bikes on the “famous” carretera austral. We climbed a mountain more or less. Had great lake and river days and I even got to do an open water swim. (San Francisco bay has nothing on the freezing glacier water I was crazy enough to jump in). I have over 500 photos from the trip but hopefully these can show some of the cool stuff.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage



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